Power of Love (POL) respects your personal privacy and is committed to fully implementing and complying with the Data Protection Principles and all relevant provisions of the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. We endeavour to keep the personal data which you provide to us confidential, accurate and secure.  We only use the personal data which is provided to us for the purpose for which it is collected.

Type of Personal Data  Collected

To facilitate the provision of our services and activities, we collect personal information through our donation/application form. There is no obligation for our donors/volunteers/service targets to provide all the data requested under the “personal particulars” section of our donation/application form. However, if sufficient data is not provided we may be unable to provide the services enjoyed by our donors/volunteers/service targets.

The personal details of our donors/volunteers/service targets includes names, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, identity references, and other data in connection with the operation of POL.

We also make a record of the visitors to our website in order to analyse the website’s traffic and usage. We may gather some of this information by the use of “cookies” stored on computer hard drives, through which information which is stored on the visitor’s browser is retrievable by our website. We will not collect any personal data from you in these circumstances.

Use  of  Personal Data

POL collects and holds the personal data provided by our donors/volunteers/service targets to facilitate the operation of POL. The purposes for which personal data may be used include:

- Administration of donations to POL;

Provision of volunteer services and other related services;

Collection of statistics and information;

Complying with any legal, government or regulatory requirements;

Any other purpose relating to the mission of POL.

Direct  Marketing

POL intends to use personal data, including names, mailing addresses and email addresses for the direct marketing of our newsletter/leaflets and the direct marketing of products and services relating to the work of POL, which includes:

- Volunteer and staff recruitment;

Providing information about our welfare work;


POL cannot use an individual’s personal data for the purposes of direct marketing without explicit consent. 

If a donor/volunteer/service target does not wish their personal data to be used for the purposes of direct marketing, they may exercise their “opt-out right” by ticking the relevant box on POL’s donation/application form or by directly contacting us at [email protected]

Security  of Personal  Data

The personal data provided by our members is kept securely in our computer system. All reasonable steps are taken to protect against any unauthorised access, processing, erasure or other use. Access to personal data is restricted to persons who have a need to use the data and have been trained to observe confidentiality.

Disclosure of  Personal Data

The personal data provided by our donors/volunteers/service targets remains confidential. However POL may, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Principles, supply information to an agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunication, computer and other support services, where such disclosure is necessary to satisfy the purpose for which the personal data was provided.

Retention  of  Personal Data

We retain the personal data provided to us for as long as reasonably necessary to provide services to our donors/volunteers/service targets and to fulfill the original or directly related purpose for which the personal data was collected.

Access  and Correction of  Personal  Data

Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, individuals have the right to ascertain whether POL holds any personal data relating to them, to obtain copies of such personal data, and to correct any personal data which is inaccurate or incorrect by use of a “data access request”. An individual may do this either by completing a Data Access Request Form as prescribed by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, or by contacting us directly at [email protected]